Shaderlibrary for VRay for Maya

This is my latest freetime project. A shaderLibrary for VRay for Maya.
I´ve worked on it since bazuka started to convert some VRay materials from 3D Max to Maya. Big thanks to "bazuka"for that!

Inspired by some websites I´ve created a standard lighting setup for my all day shading work. With this setup Oliver Markowski and myself created a melscript to keep all the shaders organized and sorted inside this library. Oliver scripted the library and I focused on the shaders and the lighting scene.

You can download the mel script and the needed renderscene files on Oliver´s website: www.fullblownimages.com

Here on my website you can download the allready released shaders and the needed textures. You will need to download the shader and the textures.
A preview of all the shaders can be found here

I will update the library from time to time, so check out if there is anything new here.

Here are the download links for the first pack of shaders and textures.

VRay for Maya shader pack v002 --- view preview images --- or Download:Textures v002 | Shader V002: Shader V002 sorted

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